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The Surveillance on DHL in Ghana Counts on huperVision-based IVS Solutions

Accra, Ghana

DHL has built the world’s essential global delivery network by trailblazing express shipping in one country after another, and occupied the business of more than 220 countries globally. To overall ensure security and surveillance for multiple sites simultaneously, the complete system with huperVision 4000 all-in-one server board and full-featured video analytics were installed by iTrack Limited in DHL Ghana.

Fariz Farah, Managing Director of iTrack Limited indicates, “Most features of DVR system remain similar around the globe. And what can entirely differentiate huperLab from other DVR vendor in the market is its intelligent video analytics feature, which allows us to provide more beneficial solutions.”

Installed in the year of 2009, two huperVision intelligent surveillance systems consist of 2 units of 16CH DSS Server Board with video analytics applied, and 30 units of D1 real-time high resolution cameras and speed domes. More than passive surveillance, the system helps managers to better surveillance by actively motion tracking and object tracking within predefined area at multiple sites simultaneously.

The PTZ tracking feature enables to automatically track a moving object when suspicious intrusions occur, as well as to send events to trigger another fixed cameras on the alert. By installed intelligent video analytics at head office and airport site, such as flow counting, virtual fence detection and flame detection, DHL is able to monitor, track and secure every arrived and dispatched parcel for object vulnerability, theft prevention and event records as well.

Besides all of the intelligent video analytics features can be scheduled by day, by week or by month, and set more convenient way for users to receive event notifications such as by email, by fax, by phone and so on.

For greater centralized management and monitoring, multiple sites are monitored by one central station at the head office at the same time based on huperCenter and huperRemote features, which all data and events can be recorded and saved. The huperCenter works as a central monitoring and event management station for monitoring multiple DVR sites and display up to 64 video channels simultaneously. And remote surveillance can not only be monitored by huperRemote system but also by customer’s mobile phone devices with simple click and touch.

According to Mr. Farah, “Security, Reliability and Performance” are key benefits that huperLab is able to create for customers.

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