huperLab Capacity Manager Solution​

huperLab Capacity Manager Solution is an occupancy manager which manages flow counts from multiple 3D People Counters over the network proactively. It is able to manage and calculate for multiple doors and multiple floors of a building. It displays flow capacity and a red FULL sign during an overcrowding situation on dashboard panel. Optionally, Capacity Manager can trigger alarms, lock/ unlock doors, or operate with other external devices for controlling people flow.

Notes: The Capacity Manager needs a license to connect more than 2 sets of 3D People Counters. 



huperVision Capacity Management Solution integrated one or multiple 3D People Counters.


Business Intelligence Application​

  • Quickly analyze customer traffic flow (peak time) in the store
  • Identify hot zones in the store
  • Evaluate in-store marketing activities

Efficient In-store Staff Arrangement​

  • Timely allocate on-site staff to hot zones
  • Improve sales services and marketing support
  • Reduce labor waste in some areas

Improve Customer Services & Satisfaction

  • Instantly learn the in-store people flow and adjust air conditioning

Collect data from multiple 3D People Counters​

Support multiple doors and multiple floors​

Support dashboard display with counting information​

Alert on dashboard, trigger alarm, lock/unlock doors, trigger devices when occupancy is full


Shopping Malls & 3C Shops

Sightseeing Spots

Clothes Stores

Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

Luxury Stores

Amusement Parks

Movie Theaters

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