huperLab Smart Transportation Solution​

Traditional security monitoring can no longer be satisfied in the transportation industry. The application of Smart Transport System is the trend of this industry. The proactive 3D stereo video analytics technology is beneficial to the transportation industry due to its high tolerance to the outdoor critical weather conditions. huperLab Smart Transportation Solution through self-developed patented intelligent 3D video analytics technology, with exclusive traffic safety and information analysis tools, it provides high accuracy traffic data and maintain road safety.


huperVision Smart Transportation Solution covers these transportation intelligence in vertical applications.


3D Vehicle Counter counts the number of vehicles for entrance or on the road

  • Bidirectional virtual fence detection
  • Counting data export for business intelligence usage

3D Bus People Counter counts the passengers of bus

  • Multi-segment detection lines to fit different environments and demands
  • Filtering out U-turn counts
  • Bi-directional passenger flow counting
  • Count the passenger flow getting on/off the bus
  • Counting data export for business intelligence use

3D Cyclist Detection alarms when cyclist are getting close to the bus or truck




Bus station

Parking lot



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