huperLab 3D People Counter​

The huperLab 3D People Counter combines huperEyes, a state-of-the-art stereo 3D camera and an exclusive 3D people counting algorithm to capture three-dimensional images, and count people with much greater precision. huperLab 3D People Counter further provides distance and height measurements that easily distinguish people with different heights, and senses whether the objects are moving toward or away from the camera in the depth dimension. huperEyes works in a similar way to human vision, without requiring lasers or sensors.


Along with huperReporter, the counting data of huperLab 3D People Counter is able to generate traffic report for the usage of business intelligence to further analyze marketing campaign result, evaluate store layout, customer and visitor’s satisfaction and more.

Key Features

  • Works with exclusive huperEyes 3D Camera
  • Able to sense the height and real size of object in the depth dimension
  • Bi-directional counting
  • Real-time three dimensional information capturing and analyzing


Up to 98%+

  • Timely measures the object height in monitoring areas
  • Able to distinguish adults and children
  • Able to differentiate people and shopping carts
  • Able to work as checkpoint for height restriction places (e.g. amusement parks)
  • Measures the distance between the object and stereo camera


  • Using 3D stereo cameras and 3D video analytics to overcome the accuracy issue for different critical weather condition, such as sun light, shadow, rain, snow, fallen leaves, bugs and car headlights
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor installation


Sun light




Fallen Leaves



Car Headlight

  • Able to distinguish individual heads from the crowd
  • Able to distinguish and count people when walking side by side, queuing up, shows on the ground, and in high density area
  • Able to filter counting results by height


  • The counting data can be exported by huperReporter to generate traffic reports for further analysis. Take retailers for example, retails can use these data to learn customer/visitor’s satisfaction, consuming behaviors, and evaluate marketing campaigns and more.


  • No other hardware equipment required
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Systems which support 3D People Counter​

You may select All-in-one huperEyes 3D Stereo Smart Camera which is an AIoT edge device and can work on its own.

On the other hand, you may select huperEyes 3D Stereo Camera which is a 3D camera only device to work with a Vento Series 3D/2D VA Server which process for the 3D video analytics functions.

All-in-one huperEyes 3D Stereo Smart Camera

huperEyes 3D Stereo Camera
+ Vento Series 3D/2D VA Server

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