huperLab 3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication

The huperLab 3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication combines huperEyes, a state-of-the-art stereo 3D camera and an exclusive 3D two-checkpoint algorithm to capture three-dimensional images, and detect objects with much greater precision. During the pandemic, sanitizing the hands is very important to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases. 3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication adds a disinfection check to the access control to make sure all identity verified people to have sanitized their hands before entering the room. The Two-Checkpoint Authentication is also called Disinfection mode. This system is useful for hospital especially the ICU.

Key Features

  • Works with exclusive huperEyes 3D Camera
  • Able to sense the height and real size of object in the depth dimension
  • Real-time three dimensional information capturing and analyzing


Up to 98%+

  • Using 3D stereo cameras and 3D video analytics to overcome the accuracy issue for different critical weather condition, such as sun light, shadow, rain, snow, fallen leaves, bugs and car headlights
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor installation


Sun light




Fallen Leaves



Car Headlight

Two authentication at different places to increase the security level

  • No other hardware equipment required
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Systems which support 3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication​​

You may select All-in-one huperEyes 3D Stereo Smart Camera which is an AIoT edge device and can work on its own.

On the other hand, you may select huperEyes 3D Stereo Camera which is a 3D camera only device to work with a Vento Series 3D/2D VA Server which process for the 3D video analytics functions.

All-in-one huperEyes 3D Stereo Smart Camera

huperEyes 3D Stereo Camera
+ Vento Series 3D/2D VA Server

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