huperLab Smart Healthcare Solution​

Traditional security monitoring can no longer be satisfied in the healthcare industry. The application of smart healthcare solution is emerging. huperLab Smart Healthcare Solution, through self-developed patented 3D stereo video analytics technology, with an exclusive huperEyes 3D stereo camera, provides high level protection to protect the safety of patients and medical staff.


huperVision Smart Healthcare Solution covers these safety intelligence in vertical applications.


3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication is able to add a location checkpoint​

  • Integration with access control via digital inputs

3D Group In/Out​

  • allows a group of elders to enter/leave the hospital area within a pre-defined time period

3D Fall Detection alarms when a person is detected to fall​

  • Selectable body sizes for filtering out
  • Designating the fall-down/pause time to alarm
  • Specify the fall-down body ratio to alarm

3D Stop Detection alarms when a person is detected to have stopped movement​

  • Designating the stop movement duration to alarm



Intensive Care Unit

Nursing home

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