Video Analytics Management System

The intuitive and smart huperAnalyzer server enables to quickly receive, display and manage real-time 3D & 2D video analytics events at a time for both normal and alarm warning recordings from supported camera video sources, and stay in control with live and archived video footage via smart mobile app.

Key Features

  • A wide selection of self-developed 3D & 2D video analytics solutions, allows you to manage on one platform simultaneously and great integration.


  • No need to get yourself stuck in complex feature design. The intuitive quick-click navigation helps you quickly to configure the system.


  • Stay in control with real-time video alerts and quick view archived event videos by feature sorting.

  • Pick up your mobile phone, push notification alert in seconds are always ready to check.

Support line/bar chart reports on the count database of video analytics.

Support the scheduling of 3D/2D video analytics.

Built-in flow count panel for capacity management.

Collaborate with external sensors and alarms by digital inputs/outputs, CGI commands and socket connections.

SDK available for 3rd party system integration.

3D Video Analytics

Security & Surveillance

3D Virtual Fence
3D Tailgating Detection
3D Fall Detection
3D Stop Detection
3D Secure Zone
3D Air-lock Room
3D Loitering Detection

Entrance Control

3D People Counter
3D Tailgating Detection
3D Air-lock Room
3D Area Counter

Retail Management

3D People Counter
3D Area Counter
3D Queue Management
Capacity Management


3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication
3D Fall Detection
3D Stop Detection
3D Group In/Out


3D Vehicle Counter
3D Bus People Counter
3D Cyclist Detection


3D Fall Detection
3D Stop Detection
3D Virtual Fence
3D Secure Zone

2D Video Analytics

Flow Counting
People Counter
Access Counter
Occupancy Counter
Missing & Left Object Detection
Secure Zone Detection
Loitering Detection
Virtual Fence Detection
Scene Change Detection
Fall Detection
Queue Length Monitoring

System Diagram

3D Stereo Camera / Sensor

huperEyes is a brand-new self-developed 3D stereo camera which is able to capture real-time 3D stereo video and ensure high tolerance to critical weather conditions and dynamic environments with up to 98%+ high accuracy while working with the huperAnalyzer platform.

Key Features

IP66/IP68 Waterproof body & accessories

Anti-flare lens

Indoor & Outdoor, Day & Night

Alarm sound & 2-way voice (depends on model)

Supports oblique view angle for different environments and functions

Flexible & scalable deployment

  • Up to 98%+ high accuracy
  • Resistant to light changes and shadows
  • High tolerance to critical weather conditions, such as rain, snow and wind
  • Easy to cascade 3D stereo cameras for large area detection


High Tolerance to Critical Weather Conditions

Sun light




Fallen Leaves



Car Headlight