huperLab Smart Security Solution​

Traditional video analysis can no longer meet the requirement of the security market. 3D stereo video analytics was designed to meet the requirement of the security market with its high accuracy and it works excellent in indoor and critical outdoor environments. huperLab’s Intelligent security solution, through self-developed patented 3D stereo video analytics technology and exclusive huperEyes 3D stereo camera, provide high accuracy security functionalities to maintain customers’ high level security protection.


huperVision Smart Security Solution covers these Intelligent functionalities in vertical applications.


3D Virtual Fence alarms when there is an intrusion​

  • Bidirectional virtual fence detection
  • Selectable height range for filtering
  • Supports touching and cross fence mode

3D Secure Zone alarms when anyone steps into the detection zone

  • Polygon detection Zone to fit different environment and demands
  • Selectable minimum loitering time in the zone to alarm

3D Tailgating Detection prevents tailgating events

  • Integration with access control via digital inputs
  • Real-time tracking tailgaters & trespassers
  • Intrusion detection through invisible 3D virtual door

3D Air-lock Room helps mantrap to count the person inside

  • Flexible for small and large rooms
  • Able to detect the tailgating situation
  • Digital I/O connect to access control, alarm devices and/or door controllers

3D Fall Detection alarms when a person is detected to fall

  • Selectable body sizes for filtering out
  • Designating the fall-down/pause time to alarm
  • Specify the fall-down body ratio to alarm

3D Stop Detection alarms when a person is detected to have stopped movement

  • Designating the stop movement duration to alarm

3D Loitering Detection alarms when people loitering is detected

  • Real-time display loitering paths in different colors
  • Adjustable minimum loitering time




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