RMA Service

huperLab RMA Service is only for huper’s distributors. If you are an end user, please contact your product supplier. If you do not know the supplier, please prepare the product name and serial number then contact us. We will help you find the product supplier.

Please follow the below steps to start RMA application.


1.Make Sure Your Product still in Support List.

Please check out the Product End of Support Page. If the product is end of support. It can not be repaired.


2.Download the RMA Form

RMA Form


3.Find the Model Name and Serial Number which on the Product.

The model name and the serial number can be found on the sticker which on the product and the shipping box.

If your product is a DVR/NVR server, but loses the sticker which on the machine, you can also find another sticker which contains model name and serial number inside the machine. Please open the server case and search for huperLab’s product on the pci-e slot or the USB slot. These models of peoducts have its own sticker which contains model name and serial number, too. If the product is a capture card, the model name and serial number are separated on two sticker. You can also find huperLab’s LOGO on it.

4.Please fill up the Form

Except the Form Number and the Warranty Status, everything on the form and the signature are required.


5.Contact huperLab

Please email or fax us this form. Once we confirm that we will send back with the confirmation form.

FAX : +886-2599-4161

email : support@huperlab.com


6.Pack your product

Please be sure the package full with protection. 

If the product is the DVR/NVR server, please do not send us with the hard disk which for video recording.

huperLab will not be responsible for any damaged,  lost part or video data during shipping due to improper packaging or physical damage.