huperLab Smart Factory Solution​

huperLab Smart Factory Solution, through self-developed flame detection and patented 3D stereo video analytics technology, with an exclusive huperEyes 3D stereo camera, provides high accurate functionalities to maintain high-level safety for the factories.


huperVision Smart Factory Solution covers these Intelligent functionalities in vertical applications.


Flame Detection identify and alarms flame in seconds

  • Real-time Vision-based Detection & Recording
  • High Accuracy
  • Early Warning & Quick Response
  • Wide-open Detection Area
  • Comprehensive Alert Notification
  • Central Event Management & eMap
  • Easy to Install & Integrate with Fire Safety Equipment

3D Virtual Fence alarm when there is an intrusion

  • Bidirectional virtual fence detection
  • Selectable height range for filtering
  • Supports touching and cross fence mode

3D Secure Zone alarms when anyone steps into the detection zone

  • Polygon detection Zone to fit different environment and demands
  • Selectable minimum loitering time in the zone to alarm

3D Fall Detection alarms when a person is detected to fall

  • Selectable body sizes for filtering out
  • Designating the fall-down/pause time to alarm
  • Specify the fall-down body ratio to alarm

3D Stop Detection alarms when a person is detected to have stopped movement

  • Designating the stop movement duration to alarm

3D Two-Checkpoint Authentication is able to add a location checkpoint

  • Integration with access control via digital inputs


Semiconductor Factory

Chemistry Factory

Food Factory

Resource recovery plant

Factory freezing area

Robot working area

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