3D Analytics System FAQ


The video streaming from cameras may lose while the power is unstable. You can rebuild the video after connect/disconnect the adapter. However, the adapter or camera may be broken when the issue keeps happening.

What if the cable between camera and PC has broken, the Cable Tester is not the only way to test that. Switching the cable between CH1 to CH4 will let you know which one is the problem.


There’s a “Disconnect” function in the preference page. It can restore the video which is due to the driver on capture card stop getting the video. Please be sure the video loss issue is not because this function.

Beside, huperlab’s software has Video Drag and Drop function. Users can drag the video to any channel that they need. Please check the 16 Spilt-Screen in the software to make sure the video loss issue is not because of this function.


huperLab’s capture cards have Self-Protection function when the video streaming from cameras are unstable. Users can switch the RJ-45 cable which form camera to another channel to confirm which device is broken. What if the video recover when on other channel, we can just restart the software to shut down the Self-Protection function. What if the issue is not due to the camera or capture card, it may because the driver on graphics card or capture card. The issue on graphics card may happen after visit by Remote Tools. The position on huperLab’s software will be shifted or messed up when the Remote Tools changes screen resolution. It can be fixed after restart our software. What if the issue is because the driver on our capture card mess up, users can re-install the driver by Setup.exe and Uninstall.exe which located C:\huperlab\huperVision\driver\hmcap2r

No Response After OS is Ready

Please make sure the “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\ Windows\Start Menu\Programs\StartUp” has the shortcut. The only shortcut which has the right to start automatic is located “C:\huperlab\huperVision\bin\StartMulti.exe”. The others such as Live.exe is valid.


Can not Worked Again After Reboot

Site Server has two kind of Watch Dog at background when the software is running. It can restart our software automatic when it does not response. If users need to restart our software which does not restart the system, please confirm these two applications are shutdown.

License Key is Undetectable

Here are three different conditions may cause this status.
❶Users remove the license device themselves once.
❷The system crashes in some sort of reasons.
❸The PC or the license key is unstable while the system is starting.
All of these conditions can be fixed after reinstall the driver which from “C:\huperlab\huperVision\driver\hmcap2r”

However, the license keys driver may be locked by Windows. Users must delete the driver manually form Windows Task Manager.


Software Error

The error message may happen because three kind of conditions.
❶Our software is blocked by Windows
❷The graphics cards can’t show the video from cameras
❸Users do some weird configure on our software
Each software crash will create an Error Log which located “C:\huperlab\huperVision\bin”. The name is same to the time that Site Server crached. We can figure out what happened on this Camera System if users can send it to us. Also, Users can try to restore all settings if they remember what kind of change they did.

The option to cause this kind of error message is software shutdown which is not manually. But sometime it’s not the software problems. Users could keep it working and pay attention for several days.

There are two different situations need to do the calibration process on Site Server. The first is when you work which it at first time. The second is after you move the 3D camera or adjusted the angle and height. If there is something wrong, the 3D camera Setup Wizard will show you the error message. Please refer the below solution to solve the problem that you have.

The Video Cable is Reversed

If you keep HE-A505, please try to switch those two video cables which are connected on analysis server. The correct order of the 3D camera image is as below.


The first channel should have the image which left a little bit. The second channel should have the image which right a little bit. Please makes sure these two image are not reverse.

The Calibration Data is Wrong

Every 3D Camera has an unrepeatable calibration data. It will be included on your 3D analysis machine. If you can’t find it, please contact your product provider or directly contact huperLab.

There’s no Enough Pattern For Calibration Testing

The 3D Camera Setup Wizard need something for refer. If you need this message, the area which the 3D camera shot is too clean. Please place something with colorful on the ground to help you finish the process, such as newspaper or magazines.

The Model of the 3D Camera does not Suit to your Environment

Every different of 3D camera has its own working environment. If you try to change the setup position, the bracket angle, or the install height on the wall. Please contact your product provider or directly contact huperLab.

Screws on the Bracket were Loose

When the 3D camera was been fix on the ceiling or wall. Please try not to adjust it if you don’t know the suitable working environment. Please contact the product provider. Please refer the blow phots to fix the bracket.

Effect by the System

The Video Analysis Feature needs enough CPU effect and memory. We can call them System Effect. Our software can’t handle the video from cameras in time when the system is busy. The video will be drop when the system keep busy and our software can’t take the resource from system. The object may not be detected and the video may freeze in the meantime. We would suggest our customer keep the System Effect at least lower than 75%. Also, keeps system cool down is as important as System Effect. The System will slow down and busy while the PC is got fever. The object undetectable issue will happen at the same time. Please try to clean the ash up in the PC or move it to another place.

Effect by the Schedule

On Site-Server’s control panel, user can tell the software when will the function works or sleeps. All settings which are not in the Schedule will be disabled. Please make sure you didn’t enable the Schedule.

Schedule function on huperVision4000

Schedule function on huperVAnalyzer

The Vision does not Focus the Target Area

On the huperAnalyzer’s setting page, you can see two different size of white squares on image.

In order to have the best accuracy, please keep the target area in the small one. Which means keeping the detection line inside the small square. The region which out of the small square should give it enough space for passenger to enter the small square. You need to make sure the passenger won’t suddenly pass through the detection line. Please refer the below photo.

The setup height is really low. So that the passenger will suddenly show up when they pass under the camera. It would cause the miss count or miss alarm.

The Detection Line is placed on bad position

Please do avoid the following situations

i. The Detection line on something

The 3D IVS won’t allow you draw the line on the unbalance floor. It might cause the false alarm or missing alarm. If the detection line is not accuracy, please check if the line is block by something or place on something.


ii.The Detection line is draw on wall

This scenario is same as the line on something. It might cause the false alarm or missing alarm. Please check if the line was draw on the wall.


iii. The Detection line is close to the edge of the video

When the detection line is too close to the edge of the video, it may cause the missing alarm when someone pass through the camera from outside of the video. Please change the setup position and make sure the detection line focus into the small white square.


Trying to Calibrate the 3D Camera again

The 3D camera need to the camera calibrate after you ever replaced it or moved it. After you finished these processes, please don’t forget to draw the detection line again. If you notify that the accuracy is not very well than before, please try to
calibrate the camera again.

Sometimes the 3D feature may have missing alarm issue, and wish huperLab to do some investigation. Or customer needs analyzing something after the event has gone. Please follow the following steps to export setting and video.

i. Copy 3D camera configurations and IVS settings

In order to make the video works like a real camera, we need to take 3D camera configuration that located C:\huperlab\hupervision\Plugins

First of all, please take the folder which named 3DCameraSettings. It contain the whole environment information which you calibrated the 3D camera. The Second folder depends on what kind of 3D IVS you’ve used. Please find the one that you’ve used.

ii. Choose the video clip which contains the issue

The proper video clip contains at least 10 seconds before the issue get occurred and after 10 seconds video without event.


You can wake Record Player up from huperAnalyzer by give a right button on “Gear” button or find it from Windows Startup Menu. Then search the video clip you need. If the video clip can’t find any peace time interval, please at least give it some time before the event occur.

iii. Prepare for exporting video on Record Player

Please save the video clip in hme. The format can be changed when you choose the place you want to save.

If Record Player tell you the video timeline is out of range, please don’t forget to modify the interval from preferences.

iv. Pack all data as an extract file

Please pack all data to extract file before send us. If you don’t have any cloud drive, please contact huperLab.

3D setting will be produced after done the 3D Camera Setup Wizard. User can back the setting up manually. It can be restore when you upgrade your system or change the hard disk, if the order of the 3D camera never changed.
The following options show you how to backup and restore the 3D camera setting.


Take the Calibration File out

The calibration information is located C:\huperlab\hupervision\plugins

Please take the folder which is named “3DCamerSetting”. It contains all the 3D camera configuration which you used on Site Server. It also contain the 3D camera calibration file after finish the 3D camera calibration process. If user loses the 3D camera calibration file, it can be found here. In the meantime, you can also back the 3D IVS configuration folder here. Please find the same name of the IVS you enabled on Site Server.


Restore the 3D Camera Setting 

i. Put 3D camera setting in

Before Site Server works on, please replace all the 3D camera setting and 3D IVS configuration back to C:\huperlab\hupervision\plugins. In the meantime please ensure the order of the 3D camera is same as before. Otherwise the 3D IVS and 3D camera can’t work very well.

ii. Merge the 3D video

Please work with 3D Camera Setup Wizard to merge the image. User can find the application from the “Gear” button.

After the app successfully test these two video, please break the process then wait for Site Server ready. Once everything is done, please enable the 3D IVS manually.