Fail-safe System

The Fail-safe System monitors IVS Server machines and 3D cameras to ensure they are all functioning well. A TCP port is used as an indicator of the system. The port is open when the system is normal, closed when a critical failure has occurred. Checking the TCP port open state regularly to understand the system, either normal or malfunctioned so as to take appropriate action, for example to reboot the whole system or to stop and fix them. 

Key Features

Maximum 1024 of IVS servers and/or 3D smart cameras to be monitored

Maximum 100 of TCP ports polling to retrieve the system status simultaneously

  • Hard disk error
  • Receiving abnormal signals by sensors
  • Variant system time among IVS Server machines
  • IVS Server not responding
  • Camera video signal lost

IVS Server machines and 3D smart cameras keep reporting their failures status to the Fail-safe System machine

The Fail-safe System machine receives failure notifications from IVS Server machines and 3D smart cameras

A pre-defined TCP port of the machine is open normally. The TCP port is closed when the machine has received a critical failure notification from an IVS Server machine or a 3D smart camera

The Central Control System keeps tracking the open state of a TCP port of Fail-safe System

Once the TCP port is closed, the Central Control System turns off or reboot the whole system to prevent any further false alarm and/or missing alarm depends on the system requirement