Software Update


New Release of huperVision 4000 v.1.6d

New Features

  1. Add Windows total and available physical memory information in log file.
  2. Add multi-instance Net IO support, allowing IP cameras that support DIO (Digital Input/Output) function to control I/O devices. Please refer to the latest IP camera support list about integrated IP camera models.
  3. Add SettingsImportExport in grogram group with default installation.
Utilities & Remote Apps
  • huperReporter
    • huperReporter is an easy-to-use data analyzer that generates traffic reports for huperLab’s Counter products on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. The counting data can be presented in different chart formats, and exported as a CSV file for further analysis.
    • Get more information about huperReporter from the link below:
  • huperRemote iViewer / gViewer

    • huperRemote iViewer /gViewer supports online video surveillance for iOS/Android devices. Remote users are able to easily operate video surveillance like video camera monitoring and PTZ camera control as on the computer, huperRemote iViewer/gViewer offers you Single/4 split screen view switch, One touch snapshot, On-screen PTZ control, Full screen view.
    • Search “huperRemote iViewer” on the webpage or App Store and then install it as general procedures.
    • Search “huperRemote gViewer” program on the Android Market and then install it as general procedures.

New Release of huperVision 4000 v.1.6d

Product Language Release Date File Size Download
huperVision 4000
21 in 1
63.5 MB


  1. Before installing huperVision 4000 v.1.6d, please remove the previous version, backup your video recording database.
  2. Install the IP Camera Plugin after finishing huperVision 4000 v.1.6d installation for hybrid DVR & IP surveillance systems.
  3. huperLab is continuously integrating and updating IP camera models, so please make sure you install the latest version of IP Camera Plugin program.
  4. To ensure system stability, we suggest to keep the CPU consumption below 70% on recording.
  5. huperVision 4000 v.1.6d provides the following language version: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Italian, French, Hebrew, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Serbian, Portuguese(Brazilian), Thai and Croatian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Turkish, Vietnamese.