Software Update


New Release on huperReporter

New Features

  1. Query data from huperVision 2D People Counter,3D People Counter, Access Counter, Occupancy Counter, Flow Counter, Traffic Counter and Queue Length Management.
  2. Criteria of data query includes
    • By day, week and month
    • Bi-direction, or single direction (In / Out)
    • Height (available in 3D People Counter)
    • By regions (available in Access Counter)
  3. Query results can be presented and printed in line charts, bar charts and tables.
  4. Support CSV data export and SQL.
  5. SDK document is available for system integration.
System Requirements
  • OS: Windows 7 and above
  • Internet connection
Operating Procedures
  1. Select a video analytics to query the data from the “Type” combo box.
  2. Click “+” button to locate a Site Server or a database file. You can:
    • Specify the program folder of Site Server or a database file of video analytics feature you have enabled.
    • Specify the IP address of a Site Server.
  3. From the Site List, check to select a set of Site Servers and cameras.
  4. Specify the time period by “Start time” and time range (day, week or month).
  5. Click the “Query” button to read and analyze video analytics counting database.
  6. Now, you can click “Line Chart”, “Bar Chart” or “Table” tab to display different format of analytical reports.
  7. Also, you can click “Print” button to print chart figures, click “Save” button to save chart figures or save table data to a CSV file for further analysis.
Fixed Issues
  1. Chart (Line/Bar) and Table are using the same settings.
  2. Added the checking of the value range for the start and end time of Working Hour. Notification dialog will be shown when there is a conflict of time range.
  3. Modified the height input option for 3D People Counter. If None is selecteded, the height value input option will not be shown.
  4. Modified so that when selecting IP and huperVision folder to read database, if the type of Counter does not exist, the message indicating no or invalid database was found will be shown but it will still be added into the list.
  5. Each kind of Counter has its specified setting.
  6. Modified the connection waiting time.
  7. Japanese language user interface was added.
  8. Modified the user interface to the Windows style.
  9. Modified the retry process for inquiring database.
  10. New version of Chart. (Please renew Internet Explorer to version 11.)
  11. Fixed the monthly report issue of showing the wrong year when the query date was started from the last year.
  12. Fixed the version of About.

New Release of huperReporter

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  1. Only installed with licensed and valid huperLab counter products can be connected by huperReporter.
  2. huperReporter works with huperVision v.1.71b and above.
  3. Please click here to download Quick Guide for huperReporter.