Software Update


New Release on huperRemote iViewer

Key Features
  • Push Event Notification support for receiving and viewing when events occur on the assigned channels
  • Remote site list download/upload
  • Live audio
  • One Touch snapshot
  • On-screen PTZ control
  • Single/4-Split/Full screen view
  • Adjustable streaming quality
Installation Procedure
  • Close any Remote program.
  • Search for key words as huperLab, huperVision, huperRemote Vieweron APP STORE/iTune Store, and then download it and install it as general procedures.

huperRemote iViewer 1

Product Language Release Date File Size Download
iViewer 1
0.8 MB


  1. huperRemote iViewer is available to access to huperVision 4000 surveillance system.
  2. If you need to activate Push Event Notification, please download the iViewerPatch and stall it on the computer that you installed huperVision 4000 from v1.6 to v1.71a.
  3. iOS version above 9.0 ( iViewer 3 supported, installed huperVision 4000 v.1.71b and above version ) │ iOS version below 9.0 ( iViewer 1 supported )