Software Update


New Release of huperVision 4000 v.1.71c

New Features

  1. New feature of resaving video records:
    • Optional to embed image to video records
    • Convert a time-lapse video record to a video file with 30 FPS (Frame Per Second)
  2. Support daily counter reset
  3. Support huperEvent SDK for building a customizable event handler
  4. Handle events from huperLab 3D Smart cameras
  5. Receive H.265 video streams from IP cameras
  6. Capacity Panel handles people counts from multiple sites
  7. RTSP video stream supports the replay of event records

New Release of huperVision 4000 v.1.71c

Product Language Release Date File Size Download
huperVision 4000
21 in 1
96.9 MB
huperVision 4000 (40 series IP License Key)
21 in 1
101 MB
IP Camera plugin
30.1 MB


  1. huperVision v.1.7 or above version doesn’t support 44 & 46 series capture cards and HM6316 and HM4316 DSS Server Boards.
  2. Before installing huperVision 4000 v.1.71c, please remove the previous version, backup your video recording database.
  3. Install the IP Camera Plugin after finishing huperVision 4000 v.1.71c installation for hybrid DVR & IP surveillance systems.
  4. huperLab is continuously integrating and updating IP camera models, so please make sure you install the latest version of IP Camera Plugin program.
  5. To ensure system stability, we suggest to keep the CPU consumption below 70% on recording.
  6. huperVision 4000 v.1.71c provides the following language version: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Italian, French, Hebrew, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Serbian, Portuguese, Portuguese(Brazilian), Thai, Croatian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexican), Turkish, Vietnamese and Persian.