Latest 3D Social Distancing Measurement Solution from huperLab

During the pandemic of COVID-19, it has been found very important to maintain social distancing to avoid the infection. For this very purpose, huperLab is now introducing the Social Distancing Measurement Solution that uses 3D stereo vision intelligent technology to protect customers, visitors and employees from the infection of pneumonia viruses.

The solution measures the distances between people in an area and sounds an alarms when people get too close to each other below a certain distance criteria for a predefined period. For example, people get close to each other below 1.5 meters of distance for over 5 seconds. It is also able to set a maximum capacity criteria in the area. When the capacity reaches the maximum, the system sounds an alarm to its build-in speaker repeatedly to warn people to keep maintaining social distancing. It can trigger its dry contact also to control external device if required.

The system features an all-in-one AIoT Plug & Play, easy-to-install 3D stereo vision smart camera which is cybersecurity certified, with built-in web server, a pair of built-in mic and speaker, and digital input/output. It does not require another PC to run the 3D stereo video analytics so the total ownership is lower. Partners of huperLab will get the SDK for further integration, such as getting the people counts in the area, the minimum/average distance among people, etc. It is also able to integrate the analytics data into Microsoft Power BI’s and Tableau’s dashboard display and powerful reports.

huperLab has 10 years of experience developing 3D stereo cameras and 3D video analytics to overcome the accuracy issues from different critical weathers and environmental conditions, such as sunlight, shadow, rain, snow, swinging trees, fallen leaves, bugs and car headlights that are common scenarios in many real cases, especially in outdoor places and at main entrance doors.

huperLab provides many high accuracy 3D video analytics solutions for different markets. For retail management, there are 3D people counter, 3D area counter, 3D queue management and capacity management. For security and surveillance, there are 3D virtual fence, 3D tailgating detection, 3D fall & stop detection, 3D secured zone, 3D air-lock room and 3D loitering detection. For transportation, there are 3D vehicle counter, 3D bus people counter and 3D cyclist detection.