huperLab Store Capacity Management to keep social distance

During the pandemic of coronavirus, it has been found very important to keep social distance in between people. For the purpose, huperLab has launch its Capacity Management system that uses the 3D stereo vision intelligent technology in the solution to protect the employees, customers and visitors of a business area.

The solution counts the people coming in and going out in numbers and also calculates how many people staying inside a store. It is able to set a number as the highest limitation of the capacity in a shop or a business facility. When it reaches the limitation, the system will alarm with its build-in speaker by playing a recorded audio repeatedly. It may trigger the dry contact to seal and/or control the door gate.

Partner of huperLab will get the SDK for further integration, such as to display the information on a screen. The solution features an all-in-one AIoT smart camera, with built-in web server and 3D stereo vision intelligent technology. It does not need another PC to run the 3D stereo video analytics and the solution supports to manage multiple doors.

huperLab has 10 years of experience developing 3D stereo cameras and 3D video analytics to overcome the accuracy issue for different critical weather condition, such as sun light, shadow, rain, snow, fallen leaves, bugs and car headlights which are common scenario in many real cases especially in outdoor installation.

huperLab provides many high accuracy 3D video analytics solutions for different markets. For retail management, there are 3D people counter, 3D area counter, 3D queue length management and capacity management. For security and surveillance, there are 3D virtual fence, 3D tailgating detection, 3D fall & stop detection, 3D secured zone, 3D air-lock room and 3D loitering detection. For transportation, there are 3D vehicle counter, 3D bus people counter and 3D mobile detection.