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huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection System Enhances Anti-disaster Security at Leading LCD Manufacturing Factory

The corporation is Taiwan’s leading LCD manufacturer, started off with plastic and rubber materials for more than 50 years commitment, whose factories are mostly filled with chemical materials, inflammable air and heat that are easily resulted in the fire disaster. For the safety of working environment and sustainable development, the corporation was looking to the system that both performs effective monitoring and early warning protection at multiple sites in the industrial zones.

In the beginning, the corporation equipped fire and smoke detectors at multiple sites to prevent fire incidents in a conventional way. However, they found there was a high chance that the height limits and sensor angle of ceilings may cause the alarm delay in high risky situations. And the undetectable smoke/sparkle that easily result in great fire always happens in seconds. It’s far from the top guideline of this corporation to solve the crisis within 3 minutes.

Then the corporation came to realize that the importance of pre-alarm and full control system while the managers choose the anti-disaster system, so they choose huperLab vision-based Flame & Smoke Detection System as the solution. The system uses analog and network cameras to detect and identify smoke and flame in wide-open areas. Once the event identified in the live video, the system will send event notification in seconds not only to central management system but security personnel’s mobile devices. As the early stage warning, the solution totally meets their practical requirements.

The huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection System can simultaneously detect and identify flame and smoke in one system. In this case, the systems have been installed in the factories are 32CH Hybrid DVR/NVR system with Flame & Smoke detection at real-time live monitoring and non-stop recording to monitor multiple working areas. Within field of camera view, in a spacious space, the system enables real-time smoke and flame detection and identification within 15 seconds once it detects irregular motion as suspicious flame/smoke in surveillance video. This approach can greatly decrease the opportunities of disaster occurred.

Thanks to the real-time video recording, better than the alarm function of traditional flame/smoke detectors, huperLab Flame and Smoke Detection system literally records the detailed video while the event occurs. The real-time recording can be presented as forensic evidences for post-incident investigation.

The early warning also matters quick response mechanism. As its comprehensive integration, the operators at control room will be timely aware where the events happen and the I/O devices can also be automatically triggered to activate fire safety equipments. In order to timely rule out the urgent situation, the system further integrated with water mist sprinklers in response to the events happened. Even if the operators are away from the control room, they can receive Push Video Event Notification via their iOS/Android mobile devices to view real-time video playback or on-screen PTZ control to verify the situation immediately.

Oftentimes, the environmental complexity, such as non-stop production machines and raw materials patches in the factories, would cause the difficulties of flame and smoke detection. As huperLab masters the self-developed and patent granted technology, huperLab Flame & Smoke Detection system enables to support flexible adjustment on sensitivity settings and parameters based on practical use scenarios for higher accuracy and false alarm. The system is also able to automatically adjust light control with chosen specialized cameras to better meet different environment conditions.

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