huperLab FSD System
Key Features
Key Features

  • Real-time Vision-based Detection & Recording
    • Live monitoring and video recording
    • Instantly verify fire and smoke incidents
    • Recorded video footage and prior event recording can be presented as forensic evidence
  • High Accuracy
    • Masks settings for specific zone to prevent causing false alarm
    • Provide simple parameter adjustments to fit for different scenarios
    • Immediately analyze and identify captured videos based on irregular shape, color changes and swaying mode of suspicious fire and smoke
  • Early Warning & Quick Response
    • Event alert will be sent within 10-15 seconds
    • Can timely activate integrated emergency equipment
  • Wide-open Detection Area
    • No additional sensor or equipment required
    • Low limits to the ceiling height or sensor angle
    • Detection coverage within the camera field of view
  • Easy to Install & Integrate with Fire Safety Equipment
    • Ideal to integrate with the alarm sensors or other I/O devices
    • Early reaction prior to fire and smoke detector trigger
  • Comprehensive Alert Notification
    • Instantly send event alert by email, fax, siren, flash and FTP event images
    • Trigger I/O devices or PTZ camera to preset position when events detected  
    • Instant push video notifications to operator’s smartphones and tablets
  • Central Event Management & eMap
    • Manage events from multiple huperVision remote surveillance sites
    • Generate event logs for event searching and archiving
    • Support alert location marked on the eMap/Google to quickly control and aware event locations
huperLab Flame Detection huperLab Smoke Detection

Flame Detection (4.8 MB)

Smoke Detection (8.7 MB)